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Android Based Restaurant Management System- Loyverse

What is a Restaurant Management System?

A restaurant management system is a software that helps streamline your restaurant’s operations and provides automation so that you can worry about what matters most-preparing great food. All types of food businesses ranging from restaurants, bakeries, bars, cafes,food trucks or delivery businesses can use a restaurant management system.

It brings together everything that is good about a conventional POS, with tools that can manage your telephone calls, automate table reservations, streamline inventory management, provide actionable analytics, handle billing and also assist with marketing insights and activities such as CRM, loyalty and building an online presence. As you can imagine, these products are rarely available at modest prices. Added to that, re-examining them each time your needs evolve, is such a futile exercise, not to mention a waste of money too. You need a system that is structured with a futuristic view and packed with needed features.

How to  plan for a restaurant POS? 

  1. Budget For Your Restaurant POS.
  2. Look At Available Restaurant POS Features.
  3. Consider Your Restaurant’s Technology Needs.
  4. Test & Evaluate POS Customer Support.
  5. Read User Reviews.
  6. Evaluate Ease Of Use With Free POS Trials.
  7. Think About The Future Of Your Restaurant.
  8. Which POS System Is Right For Your Restaurant?

Components of a Restaurant Management System

  1. Order taking system
  2. Kitchen Order ticketing
  3. Kitchen order Display
  4. POS and Bill Generation
  5. Inventory Management
  6. Back office integration

Android App- Loyverse

Associated product : 

  1. Loyverse POS-Point of Sale & Stock Control
  2. Loyverse KDS– Kitchen Display System
  3. Loyverse CDS-Customer display System
  4. Loyverse Dashboard – Back Office Integration

Pricing : Free* to download and use from the  Google play store.

For Hardware,Integration & Training , contact here for online consultation & Offline Integration at applicable charges.

Loyverse POS

Loyverse POS is the free point-of-sale software perfect for your cafe, bar, restaurant, pizzeria, bakery, coffee shop, food truck etc.Use a Loyverse POS point of sale system instead of a cash register, and track sales and inventory in real time, manage employees and stores, engage customers and increase your revenue.

Mobile POS System

  • Sell from a smartphone or tablet
  • Issue printed or electronic receipts
  • Accept multiple payment methods
  • Apply discounts and issue refunds
  • Track cash movements
  • Scan barcodes with the built-in camera
  •  Keep recording sales even while offline
  • Connect a receipt printer, barcode scanner, and cash drawer
  • Connect Loyverse Customer Display app to show order information to your customers
  • Manage multiple stores and POS devices from a single account

Inventory Management

  • Track inventory in real time
  • Set stock levels and receive automatic low stock alerts
  • Bulk import and export inventory from/to a CSV file
  • Manage items that have different sizes, colors, and other options

Sales Analytics

  • View revenue, average sale, and profit
  • Track sales trends and react promptly to changes
  • Determine best-selling items and categories
  • Track financial shifts and identify discrepancies
  • View complete sales history
  • Browse reports on payment types, modifiers, discounts and taxes
  • Export sales data to the spreadsheets

CRM and Customer Loyalty Program

  • Build a customer base
  • Run loyalty program to reward customers for their recurring purchases
  • Instantly identify customers during a sale by scanning loyalty card barcodes
  • Print customer address on receipt to streamline delivery orders

Restaurant and Bar Features

  • Connect kitchen printers or Loyverse Kitchen Display app
  • Use dining options to mark orders as dine in, takeout or for delivery
  • Use predefined open tickets in a table service environment

Credit Card Payments

  • Use your preferred merchant service provider for non-integrated payments
  • Select one of our integrated payment providers available in 30+ countries. Integrated payments save time, ensure better accuracy and minimize errors.

Loyverse KDS

Loyverse KDS (Kitchen Display System) is used in  cafes or restaurants to inform cooking staff what to prepare from an order. Improve ticket times and accuracy with Loyverse kitchen display app. Loyverse KDS communicates directly with Loyverse POS and displays all necessary order information: items, modifiers and notes.


  • Get orders to the kitchen automatically, faster and with less errors.
  • See all tickets at a glance with colors indicating wait time.
  • Never miss a new order using sound notifications.
  • View list of completed orders and re-open them if necessary.
  • Less paper, less mess. Save and go green.
  • Sleek design
  • Straight-forward user interface which requires zero training.
  • Seamless installation

Loyverse CDS

Loyverse CDS (Customer Display System) is an interactive customer-facing screen that displays the details of customer’s order and allows users to enter email address for digital receipts. This is suitable for on-counter payment.


  • Displays all necessary order information: items, taxes, discounts and total amount due.
  • Displays customer reward points.
  • Email address input for digital receipts.

Loyverse Dashboard

This app is very useful for owners. It serves as the back office of your business. Loyverse Dashboard helps you instantly analyze your store’s sales and track inventory directly from your smartphone anytime, anywhere. Complementing the Loyverse POS app it puts key real-time information about your business at your fingertips allowing you to make important decisions immediately.

  • Sales Summary

         View revenue, average sale and profit.

  • Sales Trend

        Track sales growth compared with previous days, weeks, months or years.

  • Analytics by Item

        Determine which items are performing well, averagely, or are underperforming.

  • Sales by Category

         Find out which categories sell the best.

  • Sales by Employee

       Track individual employee performance.

  • Item Stock

         View stock levels and apply filters to inform yourself when items are running low.

  • Stock Push Notification

      Get notifications in real time on items that are running low or are out of stock.

To Know More about Software Click Here

Essential Hardware Requirement

  1. Tablet for your Sales Counter        (Best Buying Option)
  2. Tablet for your Kitchen Display       (Best Buying Option)
  3. Smartphone for Stewards (Optional)   (Best Buying Option)
  4. BT Wireless Thermal Printer for printing Bill  (Best Buying Option)
  5. Wireless 4G LTE Router     (Best Buying Option)
  6. Cradle for Tablet (Optional)    (Best Buying Option)
  7. Keyboard for Tablet (Optional)   (Best Buying Option)

You can Consult us to minimize your Hardware requirement.

Integration of System

Integration of all the systems is not that much difficult , You can DIY by watching videos. If you are not confident enough can contact us at +91-832-882-1976 .

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